Friday, October 30, 2009

Weeee'rrreeee BACK!

Hello folks! After a deplorably long hiatus, Yummies! is back. During said hiatus, I (Iain) was busy finding us a house to live in, then we all moved into said house, Emily and I both started our Americorps positions, and then we generally just started getting used to life as normal again. Then, when we were ready to start posting, Emily's camera died (temporarily), with all the sumptious pictures of food trapped inside it.

So, new things you should know about before I show you pictures of food!

1. Our friend and housemate Ian Boswell returned from Europe to resume cooking with us and begin posting on the blog (see his post for the quite excellent Midtown Marinara. Note - this is not your great uncle's marinara!).

2. We moved across the Mississippi to Minneapolis - specifically a neighborhood called Seward, which is full of excellent opportunities to buy awesome local food, which we now cook with as much as possible! The Seward Co-Op and the Midtown Farmers' Market are both great for this.

3. We are poor. As said before, Emily and I are both doing Americorps and Ian is a musician. That means everything we make, you can afford too!

So, to bring in the new Yummies! season, here's a quick tour of some of the dishes we've made since our last pre-Ian Boswell post that we weren't going to do a full post on:

Tortilla Soup

This tasty recipe came out of Emily's Rebar Cookbook, from the acclaimed and reputedly awesome Rebar restaurant in Victoria (hence why we can't put the recipe on here. Sorry, we don't steal other people's recipes - we were good students who don't plagiarize!).
The soup was full of cilantro, avocado, and I think a fair amount of corn, and then we made little teepees out of the toasted tortilla strips and garnished with lime juice. We highly reccomend this cookbook to veggie lovers!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

Emily made this glorious treat on one of her famous "baking adventures." She doesn't remember what she did to make them (hence, no recipe on this one either, sorry!) but don't they just make you want to reach through the screen and nom on it right now? Yeah, I thought so. Basic formula was:
1. Make chocolate cake with some peanut butter in it.
2. Make a gooey peanut butter sauce to put on top.
3. Make a gooey fudgy sauce to go on top of the previous sauce.

Fragrant Green Curry with Vegetables

This Thai curry recipe came from my Jamie Oliver cookbook: the Naked Chef, which is rapidly becoming a favorite cooking aide. This photo, which really doesn't do it justice, shows the final product in a bowl on top of rice and garnished with cilantro and pistachios. We basically loaded all the ingredients for the curry paste (including plenty of fresh basil and cilantro from our garden) into Emily's new cuisinart and blended them, and then made curry like normal. It made for an absolutely fabulous curry, which made me appreciate green curry more than ever before.

Emily's Carrot Cake of Awesomeness

This one's going into the general no recipes post just because we're so backlogged with posts yet-to-be-written-even-though-we-have-the-pictures. Maybe she will give the recipe some day, but that might not happen. She never stops with the baking adventures. She will have more. But suffice to say she made some really nice carrot cake from scratch, complete with her cream cheese icing. The final product made her happy and squeaky, as can be seen in the picture.

Tostadas from Scratch

This one was super easy, but super yummy and really fun to make. Also, it is photogenic, no? This recipe came from one of Emily's Mollie Katzen cookbooks (either the Moosewood Cookbook, or the Enchanted Broccoli Forest - both awesome) and was made on some summer night when we just wanted something quick and easy. Apparently for us, "quick and easy" involves frying your own corn tortillas and making your own hot sauce from scratch. :-p
Actually, on that topic, MAKE YOUR OWN HOT SAUCE! It's pretty easy, and it's waayy delicious! All you need is some minced up tomatoes, some minced up garlic, some minced up onion, some spiciness agent and a little water to get it to the right consistency. It took like 5 minutes and blew anything away anything you can get out of a bottle.

Bozzie's Southern Noms:
Sauteed Button Mushrooms with Brandy
and Baked Stuffed Squash

This was one of the first dishes Ian Boswell (often referred to as "Bozzie") made after our first visit to the Seward Co-op. It came from the Fearrington House Cookbook and featured a lovely peasant meal of button mushrooms sauteed in brandy and bread crumbs and a sort of casserole of squash and some sort of cheese. The whole affair was sprinkled heavily with shredded pamesan cheese and accompanied by some good rustic bread and some good rustic water. Okay, the water was distinctly urban, but it was a good rustic meal nonetheless.


Iain's Improvised Swedish Pancakes

After a trip to Ikea, I marched back home the proud owner of a jar of lingonberries. Now, I love Swedish pancakes, and I am a crepe-making fiend (video post of that to come eventually!), so I decided to adapt my crepe-making to be sweeter and on a bigger pan. Its main flaw was just that I absentmindedly put in as many eggs as I would put in for crepes, and hence the pancakes had a crepe's level of egginess, instead of a proper Swedish pancake's level, but oh well. It still made for a yummy breakfast and a pretty photo shoot, presented folded in half and decorated with lingonberries and powdered sugar.

Well, hopefully we've tantalized your taste-buds a little for the coming posts! We hope to see you soon!


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